Making Things Happen

What I'm saying yes & no to


"Live in grace where the journey is the destination."
Lara Casey

Sometimes goal setting can be really frustrating. Like the times you don't hit the deadline or finish that certain task when you had hoped to, it can feel pretty crummy. Being a recovering perfectionist doesn't help matters. Hi, my name is Lorin & I really like things to be done perfectly.

This is not something I've always been aware of. Growing up, I procrastinated as a way of not dealing with the feeling that something had to be done 100%-completely-to-perfection. If I only had 30 minutes to do something, then I couldn't feel like I was failing or letting myself down because, well, that's all the time I had. Pretty silly when I look back at it. All that rug sweeping. Just push all those thoughts & feelings under this humongo area rug & it's like they've disappeared.

Not quite. But I spent much of high school & college with this mindset. Over the past couple years, the Lord has put so many different influences in my life that have helped reshape how I view the life He's given me, time, resources & perfection. Spending each morning in the Word really helps me deal with the perfection problem. Hello, imperfect people that God used all the time! Seriously it's so humbling to be reminded that I can't do anything to save myself or even get to the point of perfect but that's where Jesus stepped in. His perfection covers my flaws & sets me free to live in grace.

Surrounding myself with godly friends like my Small Group ladies is a huge blessing. Being real with each other about what we're dealing with & struggling to get through is how the Lord intended His body of believers to live! Being married to a God-fearing husband who constantly challenges me to seek the Lord's approval is the best. So thankful for the times he brings me down from cloud perfect to reality & reminds me that it's OK to make a mess. And not reaching every goal doesn't mean it's quitting time! Keep on keepin' on, trusting the Lord with each & every endeavor. Working for His glory & not allowing my self to get in the way.

Lara Casey's PowerSheets give you space to work through the whats of how you'll reach said goals (see more from Lara about this - Steps 8 & 9 - here). What you're saying YES to. What you will be saying NO thank you very much to. Creating a Making Things Happen Pinterest board was a huge visual aid to piecing together vision for this year. 

What things do you need to leave in the dust? And what do you want to do more of, be more about this year? 

What I'm saying NO to:

> regret
> too much PC time
> what ifs
> doubting the Lord
> FEAR! the enemy's lies!
> procrastinating
> striving for perfection
> unnecessary apologies
> assuming the worst
> anger
> anxiety/failure
> jealousy/comparison
> too many sweets
> random spending
> trying to earn love
> people pleasing 

What I'm saying YES to:

> taking risks!
> being present
> listening well
> 100% reliance on God
> FAITH! God's truths!
> setting myself up for success
> doing the best I can with what I have & leave the results to God
> speaking life-giving words {Psalm 19:14}
> assuming the BEST & asking the Lord for discernment
> creating a peaceful home
> contendedness
> the peace of God & true rest
> encouraging others
> more good-for-you foods
> budgeting well
> giving more
> resting in God's love
> GOD-pleasing 

happy 2-0-1-4!


It's here - 2-0-1-4!

And I couldn't be more excited for this. Now. Not just what's up ahead months from now. But Wednesday, another day that the Lord has so gloriously made & given us the opportunity to live it to the fullest for His glory.

How was 2013 for you, friend? Did you set goals & achieve them? Were you making positive changes in your life? Maybe some scary ones like moving, starting a new job or trying something completely foreign to you.

As I sit typing this, I'm reflecting on the highlights of past 12 months which included getting engaged, switching jobs, starting LMP, shooting my first 3 weddings (Fatima & Marlin, Bekah & Steve, Lara & Dan!), planning our rustic barn wedding, marrying my handsome hubby in Winchester, traveling to St. Lucia, moving into a new home & turning 26, to name a few.

Instead of posting my monthly goals for today, I wanted to share about what I'm using to help dream big this year: PowerSheets a la Lara Casey. Y'all, if you haven't visited her site before, go mosey on over there now! She is an incredible source of business, wedding & spiritual inspiration as she challenges so many to make. things. happen.

And I've still got quite a bit of dreaming, reflecting & praying to do as I walk through the PowerSheets. That I would be led by the Holy Spirit & walk in the Lord's footsteps.

Here's to this new year! 

"May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart  
be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer." Psalm 19:14