January goals

{January Goals}


It may be the middle of the month but it's never too late to write out your goals :) After several afternoons of reflecting on & writing all over Lara Casey's #PowerSheets, I've named my fears, written down what I want to be filling my mental mason jar (such a great visual, right?) & the vision I have for these next days, weeks & months. I had 14 goals for December. 11 done! Still would like to bake goodies to share with our neighbors, finish our thank you cards & marshmallow roasting in our fireplace yet. 

January Goals

>> Continue reading through the Bible in a year with Dean. (We chose this plan by Nav Press, available for the You Bible app, too.)
>> Continue serving my spring bride well
>> Wrap up all our wedding thank you cards
>> Fill & drink my water bottle 3x daily
>> Review Scripture memory verses from the past few months & meditate on them
>> Brainstorm a design for a family prayer board in our home
>> Leave encouraging words & love notes to Dean throughout the week
>> Update the LMP website to reflect my heart & mission for this business
>> Sign up for a photography class/conference &research investment for future conference/mentor session
>> Faithfully serve my SG ladies & invest in them

"Your playing small does not serve the world." Marianne Williamson, via Lara Casey

happy 2-0-1-4!


It's here - 2-0-1-4!

And I couldn't be more excited for this. Now. Not just what's up ahead months from now. But Wednesday, another day that the Lord has so gloriously made & given us the opportunity to live it to the fullest for His glory.

How was 2013 for you, friend? Did you set goals & achieve them? Were you making positive changes in your life? Maybe some scary ones like moving, starting a new job or trying something completely foreign to you.

As I sit typing this, I'm reflecting on the highlights of past 12 months which included getting engaged, switching jobs, starting LMP, shooting my first 3 weddings (Fatima & Marlin, Bekah & Steve, Lara & Dan!), planning our rustic barn wedding, marrying my handsome hubby in Winchester, traveling to St. Lucia, moving into a new home & turning 26, to name a few.

Instead of posting my monthly goals for today, I wanted to share about what I'm using to help dream big this year: PowerSheets a la Lara Casey. Y'all, if you haven't visited her site before, go mosey on over there now! She is an incredible source of business, wedding & spiritual inspiration as she challenges so many to make. things. happen.

And I've still got quite a bit of dreaming, reflecting & praying to do as I walk through the PowerSheets. That I would be led by the Holy Spirit & walk in the Lord's footsteps.

Here's to this new year! 

"May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart  
be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer." Psalm 19:14