It may be the middle of the month but it's never too late to write out your goals :) After several afternoons of reflecting on & writing all over Lara Casey's #PowerSheets, I've named my fears, written down what I want to be filling my mental mason jar (such a great visual, right?) & the vision I have for these next days, weeks & months. I had 14 goals for December. 11 done! Still would like to bake goodies to share with our neighbors, finish our thank you cards & marshmallow roasting in our fireplace yet. 

January Goals

>> Continue reading through the Bible in a year with Dean. (We chose this plan by Nav Press, available for the You Bible app, too.)
>> Continue serving my spring bride well
>> Wrap up all our wedding thank you cards
>> Fill & drink my water bottle 3x daily
>> Review Scripture memory verses from the past few months & meditate on them
>> Brainstorm a design for a family prayer board in our home
>> Leave encouraging words & love notes to Dean throughout the week
>> Update the LMP website to reflect my heart & mission for this business
>> Sign up for a photography class/conference &research investment for future conference/mentor session
>> Faithfully serve my SG ladies & invest in them

"Your playing small does not serve the world." Marianne Williamson, via Lara Casey