Hello, brides-to-be! As you plan your wedding, a crucial question to ask is: What do I want to look back at & remember about my day? Is it the killer DJ you hired & all the great dance moves your dad broke out? Or maybe the catering by the yummiest local restaurant where you had your first date.

Two weeks ago, I shared about tips for remembering your special day. Being able to look back through beautiful images of your wedding is such a sweet way to hold on to heart-jerking memories & funny moments that took place. Today I'd like to share Part 2 of Remembering your wedding day: Behind the Scenes. (P.S. All images were taken by The Pinwheel Collective!)


Brides-to-be, here's the thing: you will spend months (maybe longer!!) planning out every intricate detail of your wedding - color patterns, appetizers, programs, flower girl outfits, ceremony music and more! And on the day of your wedding, there is bound to be a few things you don't even get to see or experience!

Why is that, you may be thinking. Because here's the deal: you can only be in one place at a time. I know, crazy, right? As much as we'd like to be Super Bride & fly from room to rooom during everything that happens on your wedding day, it's really not possible.

Meaning while you're getting your family photos taken, your cocktail hour (or cider hour, like we did) is taking place & there are conversations, laughter & stories between old friends & college roommates that you won't be there for. And while you're getting ready to walk down the aisle, you probably won't get to see the seating of your parents & grandparents. Or see your ring bears, as we like to call them, carry your handmade sign down the aisle toward your soon-to-be-hubby. And so much more!

And that's more than OK. You are at your wedding to get married & celebrate with your closest friends & family. That doesn't mean you can or should taste every passed hors d'oeuvre or dance to every song at the reception or see the reception set up before the guests do. And if you somehow do, rock on!

But that's why having photographers there to capture those snapshots is huge! So without further ado, here are some behind-the-scenes shots from our wedding. Or as I like to call it: There Was a Dance Train & Grandma Was On It?!

Getting Ready: Not only did Dean not know what my dress looked like before our First Look (duh) but he didn't see how our bridesmaids' suite was decorated or any of the funniness going on with Casey opening champagne. And I didn't see any of the cute/sad faces my adorable nephew made while the guys were getting ready or them exchanging gifts or Dean's somewhat nervousness before we saw each other for the first time.

Dean Lorin-Wedding-0072.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0082.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0099.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0034.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0042.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0044.jpg

Before the Ceremony: After our First Look and Bridal Party photos, the bridesmaids went into the barn while the guys hung out on the bottom level of the barn til it was time to start the ceremony. In the time, Dean had the She's Mine stickers on the soles of his dress shoes & the girls had a huddle party at the heater while our wedding planner's husband fixed our musical dilemma (read: iPod not working). And our guests started to arrive!

Dean Lorin-Wedding-0250.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0251.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0296.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0303.jpg

The Ceremony: Because I was stashed in the barn during the processional, I didn't see any of it. So grateful for these beautiful images that depict what took place throughout!

Dean Lorin-Wedding-0305.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0315.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0320.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0325.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0338.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0340.jpg
Dean Lorin-Ceremony-0059.jpg
Dean Lorin-Ceremony-0088.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0369.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0407.jpg

Flower girl, out!!!

Cider hour/Reception: We decided to have hot apple cider, soft pretzels, Cincinnati specialty cookies & spiced donut holes in lieu of a traditional cocktail hour, which I never saw! We were taking family photos & although I did manage to snag a few cookies before the ceremony, we didn't get to mingle with our guests until the reception. Our wedding planner Sami & her team did a BEAUTIFUL job on setting everything up. From the napkins & drink stirrers to allll the bottles & flowers in Cloverdale Barn, we loved it!

Dean Lorin-Wedding-0527.jpg
Dean Lorin-Reception-0244.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0554.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0537.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0530.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0516.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0478.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0481.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0486.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0641.jpg
Dean Lorin-Reception-0256.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0573.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0599.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0499.jpg
Dean Lorin-Reception-0244.jpg
Dean Lorin-Wedding-0548.jpg
Dean Lorin-Reception-0252.jpg
Dean Lorin-Reception-0259.jpg
Dean Lorin-Reception-0271.jpg
Dean Lorin-Reception-0255.jpg

And one of my favorite photos from the day - my Southern belle Grandma Betty hopping on the dance train!!