Before we got married, I had many people share with me: "The whole [wedding] day is a blur. It's hard to remember specific moments." After shooting several weddings with a fast day-of timeline, I understand how that can happen.

For Dean & I, it was a quick day. We got married at noon & started getting ready on the early early side (around 6 am). But by the time the reception was wrapping up, we were like, "Really?? It's ending already?"

That's why it's amazing to have images like the one above, shot by our incredible photographers The Pinwheel Collective. Photos that capture what you were doing, where you were looking, who you were with, that help bring you back to that special day.

Joy. That's what I was feeling in the image above. It was taken right after our paper airplane send-off as were headed toward our getaway car.

Don't move or the eyeliner will smudge.

Also: my sister rocks & I'm so grateful she's here to help!

Dean Lorin-Getting Ready-0091.jpg

Yay it fits!!! Regardless of how many fittings, there is still a slight thought in your mind that your dress will not zip/button/close all the way. I've never seen this be the case buuut it can creep into your head.

Let's do this thing! I was soo ready to get married. Also, we were somewhat behind schedule - & our pastor had back-to-back weddings to officiate that day!!! (It all worked out in the end. We somehow made up some time!)

Beyond excited to see my soon-to-be hubby!!! This was taken during our first look. It was free-zing cold outside to me (bare arms!) & it was so great to see his handsome face.

Love. With a huge capital L! And loved :) Having the time together, just the two of us, before the ceremony was

Fancy. We were asked to give serious expressions, which makes me think of aristocraticness. And still. really. cold.

I want to eat this cookie now!! And someone grab me another! For reals, when your friends, family & even photographer encourages you to eat throughout the morning/afternoon leading up to your wedding, do it. These were made my super talented mother-in-law. She even used our wedding colors (mint + fuschia!).

A little jittery & so blessed to have those incredible women beside me! We huddled up for a group prayer right before the ceremony began.

Somebody get her a tourniquet!!! What you can't see in this photo is Chelsea's big ole' scraped up knee. As were walking down the stairs of the barn trap door (yep, super old school!), Chels was carrying my train. When I came to the bottom & stepped onto the ground, she lost her footing and fell, scraping her knee in the process.

Praise be to God! Our incredible wedding planner Sami was just a few feet away & ran over to help stop the bleeding. Chels was such a trooper about it the whole time!

This is it. I'm getting MARRIED to DEAN!!!

Dean Lorin-Ceremony-0060.jpg

So happy I could cry.

So happy I can't stop smiling.

Why is it so windy right now?! We had decided to include 3 cords as part of our ceremony. Braiding when it's not windy - no problem! Braiding while the wind is trying to blow the cords away - mucho difficult!

We're MARRIED!!!!

Sister SANDWICH!!! It's one of our fave things to do with Chels :)

I love dancing with my husband :)

Yay! Small Group ladies!!!

No you DIDN'T! Eating our first piece of cake got a little messy ... then we accidentally dropped the rest of that piece on the ground :(

Here we go!!!

Whether your wedding day includes a short ceremony or a long dance-the-night-away reception, having beautiful images allows you to look back and remember the small snippets that took place during the day. The stories within your wedding story that you can cherish now & share in the years to come.