Earlier this month, I was hardcore dreaming of a White Birthday. And that's exactly what I got!

Dean & I started off the morning with a it's-starting-to-snow-so-shoot-faster-so-we-can-all-get-warm-again engagement shoot with Sabrina & David. We had planned to cut down our very own Christmas tree at a nearby farm. Insert excited squeal here! But all of the snow we accumulated throughout the morning & afternoon was actually *too* much to make the trip out out to the farm.

Instead, we spent a cozy afternoon in our new home, enjoying pumpcakes (pumpkin. pancakes!), snuggling under the covers to watch Home Alone. And don't you worry you pretty little Christmas socks off - we *did* get to cut down that tree the next weekend. YAY!


Part of Dean's gift to me was a bouquet of roses with reasons he loved me on them. So pretty to look at AND read :)


To my Hubby, who can somehow manage to make me laugh even on the crummiest of days, gives me the world's squeeziest hugs, patiently waits when it's hard for me to open up about something & rocks a pretty awesome spoon on his nose, you are the real deal. The past 18 months have been the best adventure together & I cannot wait for a million more. Thank you for pointing me to the Lord & being a man I truly look up to.

Happy weekend! May it be a little bit snowy & a whole lotta bright :)