Once upon a time (this past Saturday), Mr. D. and I set out on a hiking adventure on the beautiful White Oak Canyon trail. 


About five miles of making our way up and around the Shenandoah Valley trail, he asked me a question that would forever change our lives.

Would you take the adventure with me and be my wife?


As you can see in the photo above, I was just a little surprised/excited. We stopped for a wonderful picnic lunch earlier and I remember saying, "This day just couldn't get any better...except if we had some country music."

What can I say?! I didn’t know that getting some serious bling was an option!!

We had stopped off the main trail to take pictures at a beautiful lookout point near one of the waterfalls. I was bent down, snapping photos and Mr. D was next to me. Then I turned to him and he grabbed my hands, pulling me up to my feet (somewhere along the way, we put my Canon back safely).  But then he didn’t get up. Ohmygoodnessisthishappening? was racing through my head.

After I said YES, we began the challenge of putting on the ring without dropping it off the cliff. Although the odds of it falling were probably pretty slim, we were both like, “OK, move slowly. Make sure it only goes on Lorin’s finger.”


Which we successfully did! Newly engageds, 1. Mountain valley, 0.

The rest of the hike down the path was full of giddy smiles, some skipping and what felt like walking on a cloud. Plus handholding – I told him that if he didn’t hold my left hand, I might get distracted by the sparkle and walk right off the trail.


Please ignore the unpainted I've-been-playing-outside nails. We took some pictures on Dean's phone to attempt to send to our families. Hello, no reception!


This was taken by a sweet married couple, just a few minutes before the proposal. Little did I know :)


My guy, exploring the last of the trail's waterfalls while I took pictures/stared at my gorgeous new ring. And just to clarify, that's my camera bag, not a purse, he's wearing.

Since Saturday my favorite thing to do is ask: “Hey, remember when you asked me to marry you?” To which he responds, “Hey, remember when you said yes?”

To the man who holds my heart, our relationship has been so full of love, laughter and adventure to this point. I am beyond blessed that God brought us together. You have constantly challenged me to be more like Christ and filled my heart with happiness. I can’t w-a-i-t to spend the rest of our lives living out His adventure for us <3