4 Ways You Can Help Your Wedding Photography Go Smoothly

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There is so much planning & preparation that goes into a wedding! Hours & hours & HOURS that all come together for one 8-10ish hour celebration - that a lot of prep work, right?! Having been both a bride who poured nights & weekends into planning my own wedding & as a photographer capturing weddings, I know there's so much to be processing, thinking about & staying on top of. all. the. time.

And the last thing you want is for something that could have been discussed before your wedding day to not turn out great simply because it wasn't discussed. So here are 4 simple things you can do to help your wedding photographer help you have a stress-free wedding day:

1. Gather all bridal details to be photographed before your photographer arrives - When a bride has her dress, shoes, jewelry & all her details ready to go when I arrive on the wedding day, that just kicks things off to a spectacular start! No photographer wants to be rushing around asking, "Sorry, do you have the wedding bands?" & "Excuse me, but have you seen the bride's veil?" By printing off & checking over a Bridal Details List, that's a great way to remember everything & have it all in one corner of the hotel suite, easily save your photographer time & energy which leaves MORE time & energy for your photos. Win WIN!

2. Have your florist deliver your bouquets to your getting-ready location - You found the perfect colors & blooms to grace your bridal bouquet so having them in place with your bridal details before any portraits are taken gives your photographer the opportunity to photograph them, along with your bridal details, which helps to connect the beautiful moments of your day & tell the story as it unfolds. Plus, if your bouquets are with you & your bridesmaids before you get dressed, they will be in place & ready for bridal party portraits! For your DIY brides, I'd suggest having a flower point person so that you aren't the one stuck doing last minute stemwork. And give way more time than you need for them to be put together. Depending upon the type of arrangement, have them finished the night before if possible.

3. Consider the natural light available when choosing a getting-ready location - If you have a choice between a room with no windows or sunlight pouring in & one that has at least one window, definitely choose the room with a window! Your photographer will thank you for allowing some of the sunshine in as he/she is capturing these once-in-a-lifetime moments of you stepping into your dress, laughing with your girls, holding back happy tears & slipping on your wedding shoes. Soft, natural light is just heavenly when it graces the lines of a bridal gown & is much more skin-tone friendly than tungsten or fluorescent bulbs buzzing overhead. 

4. Pass along the time & location for Family Portraits in advance - By letting your family know when & where they are needed for Family Portraits, you're setting up yourself for Family Portrait success! It can be difficult to wrangle a missing aunt or uncle when everyone else is in position for the photo, plus that can very quickly eat into the precious minutes set aside for portraits. As a photographer, I cannot keep the sun from setting (although it would be nice, only God has that kind of power!) so doing what you can to pass along that Family Portraits will start at this time immediately after the ceremony is so, so helpful! Less questions for your relatives to be asking you day of, less running around trying to find your missing cousin & more beautiful portraits!

Happy planning!

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Wedding Florals | Columbia Photographer

Pink bridal bouquet | Lorin Marie Photography | Columbia photographer

"I must have flowers, always and always." {Claude Monet}

Pastel bridal bouqet | Lorin Marie Photography | Columbia photographer
Floral wedding altar | Lorin Marie Photography | Columbia photographer

From a gorgeous bridal bouquet to romantic aisle decor, your wedding flowers truly impact the tone & feel of your wedding day. Whether you prefer classic elegance roses, whimsical arrangement or romantic blooms, your bouquets, boutonnieres & centerpieces are a fantastic way to incorporate what most reflects your style.

Pink wedding roses | Lorin Marie Photography | Columbia photographer
Spring wedding bouquet | Lorin Marie Photography | Columbia photographer

Hiring a fantastic florist, who really understands what you want, your budget & in-season flowers, is such a wonderful way to make your floral dreams come true. They will guide you to the arrangement style & color scheme you've always dreamed of.

Swoon-worthy peonies.

Bunches of long-stemmed roses.

Sprawling wild flowers.

DIY boutonnieres | Lorin Marie Photography | Columbia Photographer

I always say the bigger the bouquet, the better!

What better way to add a beautiful pop of color to your wedding photos with bright bouts (can we all agree with bout is SO much easier to type out than boutonniere??) or tone down your colors with soft, pastel centerpieces.

The combinations of beauty & photograph-worthy moments are endless.

Peach floral arrangement | Lorin Marie Photography | Columbia Photographer
Bull Run Golf Club wedding  | Lorin Marie Photography | Columbia Photographer