Advice for Brides: Bridal details checklist


This post is not only beneficial for brides but for photographers, too! The morning of your wedding there are usually so many things happening at once - last minute to-dos, caterers arriving, centerpieces being dropped off, family members milling about & more!

Definitely not the time to try remember off the top of your head all the bridal details your photographer will shoot as part of your beautiful wedding day details.

So how about we go over a list of them now? Peeeerfect. (P.S. What if you don't have all of the items on the list, or if you're including other details? Great! Bring the other details along :) )

After arriving & exchanging big, you're-getting-MARRIED hugs with my brides, it's time for the photography storytelling to begin! By having all of your bridal details gathered together in the bridal suite or hotel room where y'all are getting ready, getting gorgeous photos of your details is a snap.

Bridal Details Checklist

>> Your dress PLUS a heavy-duty hanger -  Wooden or personalized are great! Much prettier options than the standard white plastic hangers.


>> The bridesmaid dresses - If you have the bmaids' dresses out & ready to be photographed, it's another snapshot of your wedding that we can easily capture.


>> Your veil or hair accessories - Whether it's a hair comb, flower or rhinestone pin :)


>> The rings - This is probably one of the trickiest details to remember. Definitely make it one person's job to be responsible for the whereabouts of all 3 rings. Goodness, my hubby & I actually didn't even bring the rings out to Winchester with us for the wedding! They were locked away in our safe about 90 miles away. SO thankful for an awesome brother-in-law who jumped in the car & made the drive to go fetch them.


>> Shoes (or boots!)


>> Garter


>> Necklace - It's much easier all around if I can shoot your jewelry all together before you begin getting ready.


>> Earrings


>> Perfume - Confession time: I actually picked out my own wedding day perfume based on how pretty I thought the bottle would look in photos. Yep :)


>> Your bridal bouquet - Beside rings, bouquets are one of the other wedding details that can be tough to track down on wedding mornings. If we're taking bridal party photos or doing a first look before the ceremony, I would definitely recommend having your bouquet & bridesmaids' bouquets ready to go & ready to be photographed in your getting ready location. And if a friend or family member is helping DIY your beautiful floral arrangements, make sure to let them know what time we need the bouquets to be finished.


>> The boutonnieres - Ditto to above


>> Something borrowed/blue/old/new - It's SO wonderful to see the meaningful keepsakes bridals choose to include on their special day. From hand-me-down hankies to love letters from a generation ago, these are the intricate details I want to photograph as part of your love story.


>> Invitation suite - Including RSVP card, directions, map & any other details you had printed. Already planned to or have mailed an invitation to your photographer? SCORE! You rock!! One less thing to bring with you on your wedding day :)


>> Gift or letter for your groom or bridal party - Whether y'all are exchanging gifts during a first look, having it delivered to your soon-to-be hubby's room or handing out gifts to your best gals in the morning, this is another special moment to capture.



Bridal Details Checklist

>> Your dress PLUS a heavy-duty hanger

>> The bridesmaid dresses

>> Your veil or hair accessories

>> The {3} rings

>> Shoes (or boots!)

>> Garter

>> Necklace

>> Earrings

>> Perfume

>> Your bridal & bridesmaids bouquets

>> The boutonnieres

>> Something borrowed/blue/old/new

>> Invitation suite

>> Gifts or letters for groom or bridal party

Happy planning, y'all!

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