Tennessee dreaming

Mr. D & I hit the road after the 4th of July and drove a whopping 16+ hours in 2 days to spend the weekend in Tennessee. Let me tell you, my fiancé is such a trooper. Since I'm still learning (aka need lots more practice) driving stick shift, it's all up to him on road trips. Such a champ!

From Arlington to Dandridge, TN, and back! While we were there, we spent time with his family, visited the coolest little zoo, took a chalet ride down the mountain, celebrated our friends' wedding. A wonderful adventure :)


Oh, and we saw BEARS!!!!! Adorable baby-ish cubs romping around having play time at the zoo!! For so long, a running thing in my family has been that we do whatever we can to see bears on our vacations. It started back when my family went to Canada. We tried. I even bought tuna cans so we could open them out the car window & waft the smell to attract some. No. luck. :(


Actually right before Deano proposed back in May, we were chatting about what we would do if we saw a bear. Then we met a couple that had seen a bear on the trail earlier that morning. And this whole time, they have been hanging out in Tennessee! At Ober-Gatlinburg's wildlife encounter.


So the moral of the trip: if you for sure want to see some cute bears, head on over to Tennessee. Such a blast :)

Happy weekend!