The Meaning of Marriage

{February Goals}

Last month, I finalized my goals pretty late into January as I was still working through vision & long-term goals for the year & for my life. Y'all, it is so great to be intentional with each day the Lord has given us & to set aside time to visualize how to best use the time, resources & talents He's given you for His glory.

If you haven't tried monthly goal setting before, give it a shot this month. What things are you most passionate about? What areas of your life do you desire change or growth?

February Goals

>> Spend time journaling & expressing my love & gratitude to the Lord
>> Continue serving my spring bride well
>> Aim to be in bed by 11 & up to by 6:30
>> Put up a family prayer board in our home
>> Look for additional ways to respect & support Dean
>> Read The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller
>> Complete LMP business tasks & start new blog series
>> Plan styled venue shoot
>> Book new weddings & portrait sessions
>> Become more familiar with Mvelopes & track our spending
>> Schedule coffee dates with my SG ladies
>> Set aside time to truly rest each week
>> Finish styling our new bookcases & begin hanging photos/arts

"The key to not feeling rushed is remembering that lack of time is actually a lack of priorities.” Tim Ferriss