May goals

{May Goals}


Have opportunities, not a to-do list.

{Kathryn Duckett}

Instead of just one more thing to do/aim for this month, I'm looking at each of these as opportunities, favorable times & conditions, in my life. Not only that, but if I find myself getting bogged down in the midst of it all, I have 4 choices to make:

1. Choose joy / 2. Live generously. / 3. Love with an open hand. / 4. Think about what is true.

May Goals

>> Review spiritual disciplines (April carryover)
>> Serve & pray for our Pretty & Polished guests
>> Finish our date night jar (April carryover)
>> Actually learn to drive stick shift. Dean, get ready!!
>> Recover the wooden storage bench (April carryover)
>> Finish our spring balcony makeover & camp out with Hubby
>> Price insurance & accountant (April carryover)
>> Take another online course
>> Book 3 weddings
>> Mail client gifts


>> Mediate on Scripture verses
>> Set aside time to truly rest
>> Encourage my SG ladies toward God's truth
>> Pray for people to minister to & bless
>> Date night
>> Stay faithful to our budget
>> Connect with family
>> Go for a walk/run
>> Blog 2x
>> Develop new LMP skills

What's on your opportunity list this month?