When my now hubby proposed last May during a beautiful hiking trip, I immediately started pouring over all things wedding - Pinterest, blog, photographers' blogs, bridal mags and more - as soon as I got back home. Deano was such a champ through the 7 months of our engagement. I mean, I wanted to know ALL the options on ANYthing before making a decision (including all the possible Save the Date options in our price range on Etsy. Let's just say, that's a whole lotta options!).

And I didn't know where to begin! Any brides feeling the same overwhelmingness? Deano & I had talked about marriage, sought counseling from our pastor & parents & prayerfully considered the commitment before we went ring shopping. But until the day he put the ring on my finger, I wanted to hold off on any plans of any kind.

I wanted to enjoy & be present for every moment while we were dating - not months in the future deciding what kind of flowers I'd have in my bouquet. For those of you that are able to be in the here & plan for the future, cheers to you! That was not something my brain could handle :)

In August I shared my heart with y'all about this very thing & gave a few tips for what I learned through our engagement. The more I talk with brides, the more I realized a lot of us were in the same place. We've never been engaged/planned a wedding before & then there's pressure to suddenly become the perfect wedding planning fiancee/bride. Here's something to keep in mind: At the end of the day, if you're more married than when you started, the wedding day is a success. Yay! Time to drink a big mug of coffee & cheers to that!

Although you'll still have many wedding planning decisions to make, the freedom that comes with knowing that is hugely awesome! And having been right there in those same wedding-planning shoes not too long ago, I'm starting a new weekly blog series about all the helpful hints & wedding tips I've learned: Advice to Brides, from one bride to another :) I'm so excited to passing along what has worked for our wedding & other couples' weddings, too! Check back on Friday for the very first post!