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Advice for Brides: Seeing your groom


To see him on the morning of our wedding or not to see him?

That was the question rolling around in my head as Dean & I prepared for our wedding day. At some point, a blog post I'd read awhile back written by the lovely Caroline Joy came flooding back into my mind. How she & her soon-to-be hubby got away from all the hustle & bustle of getting ready to enjoy a few sweet moments together.

                                                                          by  The Pinwheel Collective

                                                                          by The Pinwheel Collective

That's what we wanted - a few minutes alone to pray & ground ourselves before the day's events swept us off our feet. So we planned to wake up around 6 am (ceremony = noon!) & secretly meet up for coffee & time in the Word.

I still remember waking up to my alarm that November morning, tip toeing around the 5 or 6 bridesmaids asleep all over our lovely but not large enough hotel room & peeking out the door.

                                                                          by  The Pinwheel Collective

                                                                          by The Pinwheel Collective

And there he was, waiting for me :) Allthough we had a first look together (pictured above), sneaking through the hallway with Dean, down the padded stairs & into the lobby for some coffee in styrofoam cups was truly wonderful.

Any lingering concerns I had about table numbers & our reception playlist, which were finished just a few hours earlier vanished (yes, as in the middle of the night. I highly do NOT recommend giving yourself T-minus 5 hours to sleep!).

As you carefully plan out the details of your wedding day & timeline, think about the day of. If you could carve out a few minutes in the midst of it all, how would you spend that time?

Maybe it's reading through old letters together, eating your favorite breakfast or just exchanging a big hug. Whatever you decide on, know that you'll have the memory of those moments spent together to treasure throughout your marriage.

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