love story

The greatest love story


The Lord continues to remind Mr. D & I that our wedding isn't solely about us exchanging vows & celebrating our new life together. That special day is also about inviting our friends, family & coworkers who don't know Him, giving them the opportunity to learn about the greatest love story: how our Heavenly Father loved us so much that He sent His Son to live a perfect life, die the most gruesome death on the cross in our place & be raised from the dead 3 days later, overcoming the grave.

We are sinners so unworthy of His grace & yet He did this so that we could experience His unending, unmerited love. That's what a wedding should represent. The Bridegroom, waiting patiently for His bride - His people - to walk down the aisle into His embrace.

You are loved more than you'll ever know by Someone
who died to know you
{Romans 5:8 paraphrase}

I want to encourage you - whether you're engaged, already married or whatever stage of life you're in - allow the Lord to use the relationships He's given you, the community & neighbors you have, for His Kingdom. Because His love? That changes everything :)