The Best Things About Fall

Fall engagement session | Lorin Marie Photography

Oh autumn, where do we even begin?

From the slow, drawn out interruption that announces summer's end to the way tree leaves shake, tremble and finally give in to the crisp breeze, fall comes slowly and then all at once.

It's a season for hand holding, boot wearing, scarf wrapping, s'more making, campfire singing.

It's a time when the days get shorter, conversations around the fireplace carry on longer and pumpkin makes its appearance on the menu.

It's a palette of burnt oranges, marigolds, vibrant reds, bright mustards, with a dash of plaid, tartan or stripes.

It's the scent of a new candle burning in your living room, the taste of your favorite apple recipe, the feel of crunchy leaves under your boot-laden feet, the sound of college football fans cheering from the stands, the sight of couples snuggling together as they walk down the sidewalk.

It's fresh, a new start. A chance to begin again in the midst of the year's calendar. To watch as new life ripens like a tart apple tree. To make lists of to-do's and check them off - pumpkin carving, costume wearing, apple picking, mountain hiking, weekend camping.

It's the opportunity to grab hands of the one you love and order their favorite coffee drink. To linger longer outdoors soaking in the last drops of the sunset and to stay up later indoors when the weather becomes too chilly to venture out.

Fall engagement photos | Lorin Marie Photography
Fall engagement photo | Lorin Marie Photography

It's the day to reunite with family and friends for a day of gratitude, turkey and memories.

To hang a new front door wreath and tell old stories on your front porch.

To forgive of any past hurts and remember the most important things in life.

To dress in layers and eat crockpot dinners.

To add pumpkin or apple to your dishes just because.

To read under a cozy throw on the couch.

To add a cinnamon broom to your home and go for drives to watch the leaves change colors.

To have and to hold each other as the weather gets cold.

Something old and something new begins - the farewell of one season and the beginning of another. Fall, I hope you stay awhile.