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Advice for Brides: How to stay organized while planning your wedding

                                                             Image from  Southern Weddings Shop

                                                             Image from Southern Weddings Shop

Would you say you're big picture kind of girl? Or one who loves the little details?

Obviously you need both the small elements and larger frame of things to come together when planning your wedding. And whether you identify with the first or second description, there is a way to stay organized during your engagement and now want to pull your hair out!

I am definitely constantly looking at things from the macro perspective and this could not have been more apparent when we planned our wedding in 2013. When Dean proposed, I immediately because crazy obsessed with finding the perfect wedding venue - and photographer - such that I totally neglected the other, smaller details that also needed to be discussed and dealt with simultaneously during that time.

Having a fiance who is the opposite of you - in case, Dean is really, really great with all things details! - really helps to keep you on track. And having one place to store all your dogeared magazine pages, fabric swatches, receipts, timeline and vendor info.

Enter The Southern Weddings Planner.

                                                             Image from  Southern Weddings Shop

                                                             Image from Southern Weddings Shop

Isn't she pretty??

Where was this when I needed it? Instead of a sleek, prepared gold and white binder, picture more of a watercolor mix of pinks, purples and blues with a painted cursive F for Fairweather on the front and you'll have an idea of what I came up and really loved using. However, if the SW Planner had been thought up, designed and for sale at the time of our engagement, I would have bought it faster than you can blink. And it would have saved me so much time and energy that I could have put into my planning my wedding, instead of designing a binder to fit my needs.

The planner is a perfect place to write down your weddings dreams and watch them turn into a reality. Not only will this beautiful binder help you stay organized and on track through the planning process, there is tons of incredible inspiration tucked throughout. Just a few of the meaningful wedding and marriage planning sections include:

First Steps After You Get Engaged
Planning for Your Ceremony
Dress Shopping Journal
The Gracious Southern Bride

Anniversary Gift Guide
Marriage Planning

If you don't already have a physical way to organize your wedding details and the big picture of the day, hop on over to Southern Weddings and order your planner! P.S. Check out my Instagram post for a fun Southern Weddings Planner giveaway!

I'd love to know - for all my engaged readers (or now married readers), what has been your favorite aspect of your wedding - or marriage - to plan for?

LMP Giveaway: Lindsay Letters Gold Foil Vows Print

"...Wedding vows are not a declaration of present love but a
mutually binding promise of future love." Tim Keller, The Meaning of Marriage

To have & to hold.

For better or worse.

For richer or poorer.

In sickness & in health.

All the day of my life.

The words you share & repeat at the altar, those promises you make before God, your family & friends on your wedding day are such a beautiful picture of the covenant God designed marriage to be. The binding commitment between a husband & a wife that sets the foundation for their lifetime.

Joy. Sweetness. Overwhelming love. The emotions we feel in that moment are only part of what the holy matrimony between a couple represents. Tim Keller says it best:

"Rather, in a wedding you stand up before God, your family, & all the main institutions of society, & you promise to be loving, faithful, & true to the other person in the future, regardless of undulating internal feelings of external circumstances.”

I'm so excited to give away this gorgeous Lindsay Letters print! This beautiful gold foil writing, as a collaboration with the fabulous Southern Weddings Magazine, is a wonderful reminder of the vows we've made - or will soon make - to the one we love. The giveaway starts NOW & runs through next Thursday!

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