Mr. D

the story behind a picture


Sometimes we can see an image & be completely excited about the photo we see, not knowing what was going in the frame before/after the shutter clicked.

Here's what was going on right after the above picture
was taken by our great friend Don in Ohio...


We're just cheesin' away :) 


And then notice where my right hand is & where Mr. D is looking down.
He said, "Are you trying to hold my tie?" To which I replied, "No, not at all."


When he started to move, it was clear I was actually holding
onto the tie haha. Which I don't think I actually intended to do.
He's just too darn handsome to let go of ;)


It made for a few very funny minutes right outside that Panera.

This is why I love taking real life, as-you-go shots of couples. There's no better place to get true emotion & great energy to come out in your photos than when you feel 100% at ease with your groom-to-be & the environment around you.


What some could consider outtakes, I actually find to be
the unplanned greatness that gives you beautiful, real
images to cherish for years to come :)

Happy Sunday!