{December Goals}

My sweet friend  Dara Lynn

My sweet friend Dara Lynn

Happy winter! Whether it's a balmy 65 or you're wrapped up to your ears in a thick scarf, December still marks this wonderful time of year in my book as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

OK, time for some truuuuth. I was looking back over my past goals & the last time I wrote them down (aka blogged about them) was ... June. Yikes, just a few months have passed since I actively committed to making things happen. You could say these 2 little things called engagement & wedding took up some of that time I would normally have otherwise. So, after a 5 month hiatus, we're back! It's goal time :)

December Goals

>> Cut down & zealously decorate our very own family Christmas tree. This is a lifelong dream, y'all!
>> Pick out a read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year plan. Any suggestions?
>> Serve my spring bride well
>> Shoot a lovely engagement session in Old Town with new LMP equipment
>> Walk/run around our neighborhood lake 3x a week
>> Divide & conquer wedding thank you cards
>> Drink at least 3 refilled water bottles daily (hoping for more)
>> Pull off Operation SS (Secret Service) Christmas, anonymously blessing my assigned Small Group sister this month
>> Celebrate turning 26 by reflecting on 26 ways the Lord has blessed my life
>> Stay faithful to our budget
>> Bake yummy cookies to share with friends & neighbors with our new mixer
>> Watch It's a Wonderful Life (Mr. D has never seen it!)
>> Decorate our mantle into a wintery wonderland & roast marshmallows in our cozy fireplace
>> Listen to as much Christmas music as possible ... and somehow convince my hubby that he likes it, too!

"Present over perfect. Quality over quantity. Relationship over rushing.
People over pressure. Meaning over mania." 
Lara Casey, #presentdecember