June goals

{June Goals}


Summer - one of my personal favorite times of year! Growing up in sun-drenched Florida,  my sister & I would borrow our neighbor Donna's paddle boat for watery adventures, ride our bikes with wild abandon, roller blade our little hearts out & cannon ball off the diving board with friends.

So much of my childhood was spent outdoors: climbing trees, slathering on sunscreen at the beach, walking our dogs down the street, stopping for scoops of ice cream at Rita's, dreaming under weeping willows (while trying not to get stung) & that is one of the things I still look forward to each year! I try to sneak in as much of creation before the humidity/heat becomes too unbearable (quiet times on the porch, lunch breaks at the park & evening walks around the lake). "

The earth is the Lord’s, & everything in it, the world,
& all who live in it; for He founded it on the seas
& established it on the waters.
{Psalm 24:1-2}

June Goals

>> Review spiritual disciplines (May carryover)
>> Plan a silence & solitude retreat
>> Continue learning to drive stick shift
>> Finish our date night jar (May carryover)
>> Plan our anniversary trip
>> Take a firearm training class with Dean
>> Finalize life insurance, wills & additional healthcare paperwork
>> Price insurance (May carryover)
>> Mail client gifts (May carryover)
>> Update online galleries


>> Mediate on Scripture verses
>> Pray for ministries & church
>> Set aside time to truly rest
>> Date night
>> Connect with family
>> Seek to serve & bless others
>> Go for a walk/run
>> Blog 2x
>> Develop LMP skills
>> Stay faithful to our budget