{July Goals}

Our Fairweather Baby | Lorin Marie Photography

'Be a branch snapper off-er in a world where people are in the thick of the woods."
Carrie Grace

Earlier this week, I read an incredible encouragement email from the wonderful creator of The Kindness Box, Carrie Grace. It's so like God to have His perfect timing, right? These past few weeks I've been struggling with feeling & showing love & kindness to others. This often-tired new mama was trying in my own strength, & on my terms, to love others...& not quite getting it right.

Then I read Carrie's email:

"Perhaps that is why we aren't called to go at this life alone. Maybe God & others who reflect Him to us are tiny branch snappers...I think we are called to make getting out of the woods easier for one another. That we are supposed to speak truth in love as a means to get others into the clear.

Talk about a change in perspective! In the midst of being in what I'll call an un-kindness rut, God met me where I was & reminded me of the bigger picture - it's not about simply doing kind things or speaking with kindness toward others, it's about snapping those little branches off for those He's put in my life. It's about being willing to walk through the woods with them. As Carrie put it, "It's about staying when the woods are dark & cold & being willing to sit in the hard waiting period with others. And it's also about refusing to let someone stay."

Snap, snap, snap.

July Goals

>> Love & respect Dean well
>> Be an intentional mama & point Madison to the Lord
>> Commit new verses to memory
>> Road trip to Nashville!!!
>> Read The Best Yes & go through the Bible study at church
>> Take a walk with Madison 1x a day
>> Review our budget & plan for August
>> Lovingly serve our LMP clients
>> Treat others with an abundance of kindness

P.S. A first family photo with our little girl Madison! Taken by Casey Edwards Photography. (See My Fairweather Baby posts for more).

July Gratefulgrams

4th of July Celebration
Sunflower Field Photo Shoot
DC Nats Game
Family hug
Sarris Candies Ice Cream
Florida trip

"You are the Rock on which I stand.
By Your grace, it is well.
My hope is sure in Christ my Savior
It is well with my soul." {Hillsong Live}

Earlier this month, Mike Kelsey preached on idolatry at our campus & how we were created to worship our Creator, & yet we often manufacture other idols in our hearts to bow to instead. Idols that can't handle our worship or devotion.

He put it like this: When we don't believe God is truly sufficient, we try to take matters into our own hands & often times take good things & elevate them to be God things. Check out Isaiah 44 & Jeremiah 2 to read about the Israelites' problem with idolatry.

In light of our worship problem, Mike challenged our congregation to live our lives, every day, by the following truth: Everything I need for fullness of life is already available to me through Jesus Christ.

Everything! He is the Bread of Life, the Living Water & our all in all. Only Our God deserves our life-consuming devotion. He is the one we should lift up in our hearts & sing praises from our lips, from now into eternity. I don't need or deserve anything more & I'm beyond grateful that He does give good gifts to us as His children that are constant reminders of His provision.

1. Patriotic celebrating / 2. Frolicking in God's creation / 3. Outdoor summer nights / 4. Time with our adorable nieces & nephew / 5. YUM. Hubby & the ice cream / 6. Silly family photos

{July Goals}


"If it matters to you, cultivate it." Lara Casey

July Goals

>> Read A God Entranced Vision of All Things: The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards by John Piper
>> Drive stick shift on the main roads, y'all!
>> Finalize will & healthcare forms (carry-over)
>> Sign up for a gun class with Hubby (carry-over)
>> Order new LMP business cards (with the schmancy new logo!!)
>> Update client workflow
>> Design & order album(s)
>> Book 2 weddings
>> Faithfulness serve our church, my SG ladies & Pretty & Polished ministry
>> Start apartment searching

What are you cultivating this month?