August goals

{August Goals}

Sunflower field

"There is no life like this life. There is no hope like this hope.
There is no God like our God."
{Dr. Owen Strachan}

In what & in whom do I have my hope? Where am I seeking to find my life? What does God want me to be about? These are the questions I ask & want to continue to ask when thinking of each new day, week & month ahead. Fixing my eyes on the Author & Perfecter of my faith, faithfully running the straight & narrow path He has laid before me.

"Christ crucified & raised for our justification is intended to unleash us, embolden us & put us to work. Christianity is much more about serious adventure than sentimentalized safety. It is much more about faith in suffering than ease in prosperity. It is much more about death - death to sin & self - than it is about personal affirmation & precious moments."

August Goals

>> Study & journal about an attribute of God
>> Commit new verses to memory
>> Love, serve & respect Dean well
>> Enjoy a schmancy dinner date out with Dean

>> Be an intentional mama & point Madison to the Lord
>> Take a daily walk with Madison, weather permitting
>> Eat no sugar - refined or natural (For anyone interested in IQS, Sarah Wilson has great tips & recipes here)
>> Join a local MOPS group

>> Lovingly serve our LMP clients
>> Attend a coaching session with Cheyenne Schultz
>> Order new LMP equipment
>> Treat others with an abundance of kindness
>> Review our budget & plan for September

What are your goals for this month? I'd love to know what your aim & focus is set on!

{August Goals}

Succulent planter

Thanks to this beautiful Be Still print by Julie Song Ink, I've been reminded of the importance of being whom I'm called to be over doing what I feel like I have to do. It's currently gracing my laptop background as a, "Hey, this is what you should be about" prompting throughout the day.

August Goals

>> Finish reading A God Entranced Vision of All Things (carryover)
>> Relax with Deano & celebrate our anniversary in Canada/Vermont!
>> Share sample album(s)
>> Budget for new lens or flash
>> Plan & gather inspiration for upcoming portrait sessions
>> No sugary foods! Sugar Fast, Round 2, here we go
>> Continue apartment searching & line up visits

What is your tending list for the month?