April goals

{April Goals}


I declare 2014 the year that I let the overwhelming peace of God seep
down into all my heart, soul & mind. Read through the Bible & walk away transformed.
Learn & grow a photographer & business owner.

These are words I scrawled down from my heart back in January as I was filling out my PowerSheets. Well, it's APRIL now, y'all! And I'm excited to continue growing in all these areas!

April Goals

>> Review spiritual disciplines & pray asking the Lord to reveal what's lacking in my life
>> Put together a date night jar, with at least 1 outside activity to enjoy this beautiful weather
>> Price insurance, designer & accountant (carry-over from March)
>> Celebrate LMP's 1 year anniversary!!
>> Reach out to photographers for coffee dates
>> Take online course
>> Learn more about Mvelopes & decide to use or not use
>> Book 3 more weddings
>> Serve & pray for our Pretty & Polished guests
>> Search for material to recover the wooden storage bench in our bedroom
>> Stay away from all added sugar(s) for the rest of the month (INCLUDING Nutella!! Good thing we currently don't have any in our home...)