Christmas is Come

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"Jesus' humble birth was not a lack of provision but a sign of purpose."

Hustle and bustle - two commonly used words to describe our Decembers. Each year, the lists get long, our time feels short and we struggle to do/buy/be it all.

Thinking back to right before that very first Christmas, when very pregnant Mary and her betrothed husband Joseph made the required journey to Bethlehem for the mandated census. There certainly was some bustling as they trekked from Nazareth to the little town in Judea.

But in the midst of the travels, government census and last days of pregnancy, the couple wasn't overtaken by worries or overburdened with stress.

Earlier, when an angel revealed to her that she would carry the Messiah in her womb, Mary replied, "Let it happen as you say." When Joseph received a dream that told him that his wife was pregnant and would carry Immanuel, meaning 'God with us,' in her womb, he did take Mary as his bride, despite the cultural stigma of a pre-marriage baby bump and not actually grasping the depths of being the earthly father to the King of Kings.

Instead of allowing their seemingly inconvenient, overwhelming or undesirable circumstances to shape their attitudes or outlook on life, Mary and Joseph were obedient and intentional. What a beautiful way to welcome the birth of the Savior - by having a husband and wife, committed to one another and to raising their baby boy the best they could and trusting the Lord to work all the details out.

As we approach the end of advent and celebrate Christ's coming down on earth, we wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas. Let the weary world rejoice! Christ has come - glory to God in the highest!

"Jesus came to serve in humility...the perfect gift of grace."