Although I actually gave up eating or drinking anything sugary this month (almost to the end!!), I SO wanted to bake a cheery cake, slather some Nutella on top & party as Lorin Marie Photography celebrated 1 year of business!


This past week, I announced a portrait session giveaway as part of #lmpturns1 that I'd be sharing with one awesome NoVA/DC couple!! And, insert a big, long drum roll here .... we have a winner! Well, 2 winners technically (because they're a couple :) ). 

Congratulations to LMP's portrait session giveaway winner(s): Bonnie & her husband!

Here's what Bonnie shared on the blog about one of the greatest acts of service her hubby has done for her: 

My husband has been taking great care of me throughout my first pregnancy - taking over chores and going above and beyond, without a peep of complaining! Our second anniversary is coming up, and I would love to capture our new family with a portrait session!

Awww, isn't that so sweet?! Bonnie, it's awesome to hear about what a help your husband has been in your life recently!! I will be contacting you shortly so we can schedule your upcoming portrait session! Congrats again :)