Spring is getting closer. I can feel it! Although by the looks of the snow-covered tree tops outside & blankets of white covering the ground, it seems like we may have taken a step back toward winter. But here we are, in March 2014! Whew, I was just looking back over my goals for last year & it's awesome to see how much growth I've gained & discipline I've learned along the way. 

If you're wanting to set goals for yourself but are unsure if what things offer a worthy focus, try asking yourself these questions:

1. Will this goal help my life vision?
2. Does this goal also help other people?
3. Why would I spend my time on this goal?
4. Does this goal align with my core?

By testing your goals this way, you'll ultimately be getting at the WHY, the reason for doing it. So thankful to Lara Casey for her incredible gift in making goal-setting for others happen! 

March Goals

>> Look over past prayer journal entries & reflect upon God's faithfulness
>> Finish reading The Meaning of Marriage (carryover from February)
>> Celebrate 1 year of LMP! More details on that to come!!
>> Chat with designer about LMP logo & branding
>> Price insurance & accounting with our agent
>> Encourage my SG ladies toward God's truth
>> Hang & display photos, Scripture & art in our home
>> Put our prayer chalkboard up (I picked the spot, just need to put it up!)
>> Aim to be in bed by 11 & up to by 6:30
>> Set aside one day to truly rest
>> Take walks
>> Review Scripture memory verses/weekly
>> Work on being the first to admit to wrong & apologize in all relationships

"There is no great with Thee, there is no small, For thou art all, & fillest all in all." Amy Carmichael