What do red hearts, Leesburg & Twitter all have in common?

A soon-to-be Mrs. Stratton!

It all started yesterday over inter-office chat.

“I think you should come in here and see this note I just got,” is the message from Bekah that popped up on my desktop. When I walk into her office, she shows me the shiny laminated (nice touch!) heart from her boyfriend Steve. The note read:


You are free from work today and going on an adventure.
Take some time and finish up any loose ends.
You will receive the next destination and clue when you get to your car.

Love you.

This was it! P-Day (Proposal Day) had arrived! Bekah + Steve are one of the sweetest, super fun, in-love couples this side of the Mason Dixon. B and I have worked together for almost 2 years now and have had our share of adventures (the search for the hidden rope swing, random line dancing in the office, weekend brunching to name a few).

With a birthday coming up in a few weeks, she was *sure* with all her heart that Steve would pop the question then. And all his misleading hints pointed that direction, too.


But having received the first red heart at her desk yesterday, she began to think that maybe he had surprised her. And so, the engagement heart adventure began! She later learned that he had called our editor to ask if Bekah could have the day off.

And there is nothing like an engagement to make me cry. It starts slow – with a sniffle or two. But by the end, I’m sure my face resembles more of a sad puppy than anything else.

When B grabbed her heart and headed out the door, she found her next red love note on her car windshield telling her to head home  and get ready for the day.



Before leaving, B promised to live tweet the day. She did and my coworkers and I followed along like crazy. At home, she was greeted with lots of kisses. Then a surprise visit from her sister led them to lunch at one their fave spots in Leesburg. From there it was on to a gorgeously decorated bridge, Raflo Park gazebo and the final clue: Ida Lee Park, a spot they liked to sit and talk for hours.

Ladies, what a keeper, right?? And gentleman, this is definitely the way to propose to the love of your life.

It just so happened that when we had a snowy Monday two weeks ago, I was able to shoot Bekah + her fiance in an adorable park near our office. The pre-enagement engagement pictures, I'd called them. Is that good timing or what ;) Here's a sneak peek of the full-of-love shots (more to come next week!): 




Bekah + Steve, I'm so excited for what God has up ahead for you both! Y'all are so fun to be around and totally rocked in front of the camera. Yes, even the kissing pictures : ) 

Have a lovely weekend!